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Posted : 8 years, 10 months ago on 18 March 2010 03:33 (A review of Emma)

Emma is a rich family's clever daughter, who is pretty interested of other people's love life. After a one success story, she believes herself to be a quite good at finding partners to all lonely singles of her hometown. But Emma is going to find out that love isn't such an easy thing to handle and is also soon in need of good advices herself..

This is a great movie, when you're a woman and having PMS (happy endings calms me and I tend NOT to kill anyone) but I noticed that this wasn't the best choice for relaxing movie night with my husband. He didn't get it at all! Well it surely was fun to see him suffering a little (he made me watch Texas chainsaw massacre - so now we are even). This is the honest truth of how our Emma-movie night went:

Mr. "WHAT IS that thing on her head?"
Mrs. "A hat?"
Mr. "Horrible!"
Mrs. "Bah, you just don't understand!"

Mr. "Hey, is that James Bond's secretary?!"
Mrs. "Yes. How did you recognized her, you never recognize anyone??"
Mr. "Oh well, I just did!" *proudly*

Mrs. "Why you never peel eggs for me?"
Mr. "Hmm, I wonder WHY?"
Mrs. "I don't eat eggs?"
Mr. "YEAH, like that's the reason"
Mrs. "Romance is dead" *grins*

Mr. *weird laughing*
Mrs. "Hey, this IS quite funny!"
Mr. "Yeah yeah, I was laughing."
Mrs. "But you were laughing like this "HAGH HAGH"" *imitating*
Mr. "Yeah?" *pokes*
Mrs. "Laugh properly" *pokes back*
Mr. "..."

Mr. "Ha-ha, what a smirk!"
Mrs. "That is his smile."
Mr. "Always the same smirk."
Mrs. "Well that is his 'smile'. You have a 'smile' too."
Mr. "Ha-ha"
Mrs. "Bah, you just don't understand!"

Mr. "When there is going to happen SOMETHING?"
Mrs. "Just a moment but now shush.. Soon he'll say it, oh now - 'badly done Emma, badly done indeed!' That is just SO romantic. I love that part!"
Mr. "Oh my god, you know this movie by heart!" *smirks*
Mrs. "Of course, I have seen this movie at least a once a month since my periods started when I was 12!"
Mr. "..."
Mrs. "I just shared too much, didn't I?"
Mr. "Yeah.."
Mrs. "..."

Mrs. *giggling*
Mr. "What are you laughing at?"
Mrs. "I'm thinking about you dancing in those kind of pants!!"
Mr. "Never gonna happen!!"
Mrs. *laughing her ass off*

Mr. "Could we just stop this?"
Mrs. "Oh no, let's watch this to end, soon there is going to start happening!"
Mr. "Yeah, right..."
Mrs. "You are not concentrating!"
Mr. "Honey, I really try to, but there is nothing happening in it."

Mrs. "HEY, where are you going?"
Mr. "To the bathroom!!"
Mrs. "Do you want that I put a pause?"
Mr. "..." *rolling his eyes*

Mr. "So did I miss something essential?"
Mrs. "YEAH, she is was all like face wrinkled and said 'oh Harriet'"
Mr. "Is that so.."

Mrs. "I would have hated to be a servant at that time."
Mr. "Hmm.."
Mrs. "Standing there for hours, hands shaking, keeping a candle steady for all night. What a job!"

Mr. "What? Who hell is HE?"
Mrs. "Well he is the man who proposed her first, but then She made her change her mind and she said no and then she was interested on that smirk-guy, even though she really wasn't because she actually really was interested on that Mr. Knightly of which She took to herself - that countryman, you remember? Don't you follow the story at all?"

Mr. "Thiiiis iiiis neeeeveeer goooonnaaa eeend!"
Mrs. "Shush... It still continues"
Mrs. "Shh! This is so ro-man-tic.."

Mrs. "You are just like Mr. Knightly and I'm just like Emma. Did you recognized us?"
Mr. "Uh.. NO?"
Mrs. "Well, you just don't know us so well."

Mrs. "So how many stars you'd give if five is the max?
Mr. "Zero."
Mrs. "Half a star is the minimum."
Mr. "Well, a half then."
Mrs. "I mean really. This is one of my favorite moves!"
Mr. "Okay, one star. Nothing happens in this movie."
Mrs. "What you mean? There is happening a lot! a lot of great powerful feelings!"
Mr. "…"

Mrs. **** “One of the best Jane Austen films!”
Mr. * “I need a beer!”

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